The Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is a focused intranet solution which allows retailers to:


  • Communicate all business information to employees in a timely and cost efficient way

  • Target information to the relevant users

  • Perform on line training, instantly capture training results and provide training plans

  • Measure compliance to business policies, procedures and instructions

  • Provide structured action plans to address non compliance and champion continual improvement

  • Provide business critical instructions and verify that they have been read and implemented


The Resource Centre has been developed to ensure that it is low cost to install and low cost to operate.


Central Retail Support work with our clients to ensure that the Resource Centre is developed to fit the look and feel of their individual brands.


For retail 'Start ups', we also provide an unbranded version of the Resource Centre to help your business grow quickly to the point at which a branded and bespoke version of the Resource Centre is more relevant.


Please contact us to request more information about the options available for The Resource Centre.


Stock accuracy lies at the heart of every successful Retail Operation.


Critical decisions are made on a daily basis based on the information provided from your stock file, be it Buying, Merchandising, Promotional and Mark Down management or as a basis for bolstering Loss Prevention provision within your Stores.


StockMiner has been developed to enable our clients to identify stock file transactions that have had a direct impact on your Stock Accuracy and to address operational process and implementation to eliminate future impact.


By using StockMiner we are able to quickly link Stock accuracy and loss issues to:


  • Product identification/ labelling issues

  • Deliveries

  • Inter Store Transfers

  • Write Off

  • Returns to DC/ Supplier

  • ecommerce operations


This level of analysis also allows retailers to identify 'actual' stock loss that can then be quickly targeted and eradicated.


Please contact us to request more information or a demonstration of StockMiner.


Data Mining has long been an effective tool in the battle against internal and external fraud, as well as providing a way in which other useful business information can be derived (eg basket analysis).


CashMiner has been designed specifically to make the analysis of such data a simplistic task which relies as much on experience and common sense as it does the solution itself.


The solution is designed to provide low cost/ high impact support by identifying fraud associated with:


  • Refunds

  • Returns

  • Exchanges

  • Discounts

  • Allowances

  • Price Overrides

  • Voids

  • No Sales

  • 'Dump' Codes

Typically we utilise CashMiner within our clients' operations to support the provision of Loss Prevention and Audit services.


Please contact us to request more information or a demonstration of CashMiner