Operational Consultancy and Best Practice

Our industry leading team partner our clients in the following Retail and Support functions:


  • Stock Management

  • Cash Management

  • Loss Prevention and Audit

  • Buying and Merchandising

  • Logistics/ Supply Chain

  • Food Services

  • Catering

  • Human Resources

  • Health and Safety

  • Retail Operations

  • Customer Service

  • Bespoke Support Functions

With a library comprising in excess of 4,000 Policies, Procedures, Training and Materials - Central Retail Support are ideally positioned to assist you to significantly improve your operation and deliver increased profit through improved efficiency.

By working in partnership with our clients, we ensure that your customers remain at the heart of everything we deliver.

Loss Prevention and Audit Provision

Covering Europe and beyond, our team of Loss Prevention Audit Managers support our clients by driving Store and Support Functions to comply with and improve operational Best Practice.


We identify and highlight excellent performance within the operation, allowing our clients to share success across all sites and drive increased profit through improved efficiency.


Where non compliance or poor performance is highlighted, out team work with Store and Regional Management teams to set and monitor realistic action plans.


Where continued non compliance or fraudulent activity is identified, our experienced team have the ability to identify, investigate, interview and bring any situation to an acceptable conclusion for our clients.


Our clients have the option to utilise members of our team on either a dedicated or shared basis, allowing them to both control costs and benefit from up to the moment Loss Prevention and Audit techniques.


To further enhance our support in this area, our clients also have the opportunity to utilise The Resource Centre to complete compliance auditing and gain real time reporting on areas to be targeted for improvement

Data Mining Provsion and Investigation

Whether using our CashMiner and StockMiner solutions, our Data Mining specialists quickly work with your business data to identify business issues.


Our team also have a wide range of experience using third party software packages and are able to ensure that our clients achieve the maximum benefit from investments in either new or existing Data Mining packages.


Traditional Data Mining approaches focus solely on the analysis of transactional data from till systems, however our experience of significantly reducing stock loss for our client has taught us that the interrorgation of stock movement transactions is critical.


Our Data Mining team have the ability to focus in on stock transactions that have had a detrimental effect on both stock loss and accuracy.


Once identified, our team have the expertise to follow the issues through to a successful conclusion by ether investigating specific employee activity or by working in partnership with our clients to review and improve business operational process and performance.


Training and Development Provision

We understand that even the best 'Best Practice' can't be delivered by your teams unless they are trained in the implementation of the procedures and as importantly the reason behind why things are done.


By engaging our clients teams in the purpose and benefits of a procedure we see compliance levels increase and operational efficiency develop.


For us, training takes many different forms including:


  • On site training at a compliance audit

  • Team workshops

  • Online video training and validation delivered via The Resource Centre


We also ensure that all relevant functions are included within our training programmes.


We work closely to ensure that the style and content of training materials reflects our clients brand and values